[ Star] “It Feels Weird to Be Posting This” T-ARA Soyeon Updates Her Instagram with a Couple Photo

Soyeon of K-pop girl group T-ARA posted a photo of her with her fiancé professional soccer player Cho Yu-min. 

Back on January 18, Soyeon made a surprise announcement that she is planning on marrying Cho Yu-min. 

It was revealed that Soyeon and Cho Yu-min had been together for about three years after meeting each other through a mutual friend in 2019. 

Soyeon was born in October 1987, and Cho Yu-min in November 1996, which makes them nine years apart. 

The couple is planned to get married this November. 

Cho Yu-min and SoyeonThen on January 20, Soyeon updated her Instagram with a new photo. 

The photo was of Soyeon with Cho Yu-min posing next to each other with a beautiful sunset behind them. 

Cho Yu-min and SoyeonAlong with this photo, Soyeon said, “I have been blessed by many people in the past few days. I would like to thank each of you for it. I’ll return your warm support with good news regarding my work.” 

She continued, “It feels so weird that I’m posting this photo here. I had never thought that I would ever do this. I’m still not used to it at all. Anyway, good night, everyone.” 

Under this cute photo of the two, fans left comments such as, “Congratulations, unnie! I’m so happy for you!”, “You two look really good together!”, “Awww! What a cute couple!” and so on. 

Cho Yu-min and Soyeon(Credit=”melodysoyani” ‘c.yuum_’ Instagram)

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