[ Star] MINHYUK Shares a Secret to How MONSTA X Maintain a Large Number of Fans

K-pop boy group MONSTA X’s member MINHYUK revealed a secret to how the group maintain a large number of fans. 

On January 16, a new video was uploaded on MONSTA X’s YouTube channel. 

The video showed behind-the-scenes of MINHYUK shooting magazine cover photos. 

MONSTA XAt the end of shooting, MINHYUK said, “In less than a week, we’ll be off to the States, so we have to do a lot of things before we go.” 

He continued, “I’m tired, but there is nothing I can do about that. We have to get these things done so that MONBEBE (the name of MONSTA X’s fandom) don’t feel bored while we are away.” 

MONSTA XThen, MINHYUK stated, “I don’t know how satisfied MONBEBE are with us, but in order to satisfy them to our standard, we can’t sleep. We shouldn’t sleep.” 

He resumed, “Sometimes, MONBEBE tell us, ‘You should get some sleep, you should eat well.’ The thing is though, a way to win and melt your hearts is to sleep less and eat less.” 

He added, “If we just slept and ate as much as we liked? MONBEBE won’t exist, in that case.”

Then, MINHYUK left to get changed and headed out to tick off his next schedule.  


(Credit=”MONSTA X” YouTube, ‘OfficialMonstaX’ Facebook) 

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