[ Star] One Lucky Fan Meets SOMI on the Street & Goes to a Photo Booth Together

One lucky fan of K-pop singer SOMI shared her experience of bumping into the singer on the street and ended up taking a photo together.

Recently, one Twitter post written by an anonymous fan of SOMI went viral online.

The fan wrote, “Today must’ve been the happiest day of my life, a day that I will remember as the most memorable encounter.”

She continued, “I met Jeon Somi unnie, a celebrity that I’ve always adored, and I got to talk to her and take photos with her at a photo booth. It was the best moment ever.”

SOMIIn the photo, SOMI is seen cheerfully posing and smiling along with three more girls, and all four of them are wearing cute headbands and tiara.

To this, fans commented, “Ah, that’s what I like about SOMI. She’s so sweet such a free-spirit!”, “That’s the best fan service one can ever ask for.”, “Love how friendly and kind she is. Can’t believe they actually went to a photo booth together. So cute!”, and more.

SOMI(Credit= THE BLACK LABEL, Online Community)

( Star)

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