Han Ga In Asks Where JUNHO’s House Is After Watching 2PM ‘My House’ Performance

Actress Han Ga In confessed her love for JUNHO of K-pop boy group 2PM. 

On January 27, a popular YouTube channel MMTG shared a video of Han Ga In online. 

In this video, Han Ga In was seen being interviewed by the host Jaejae. 

Han Ga InAfter welcoming Ha Ga In, Jaejae asked Han Ga In whether she has watched any of MMTG videos. 

Han Ga In answered, “Ah, yes, I have. The first one to have watched was the one with 2PM performing ‘My House’.” 

She continued, “My YouTube algorithm led me to that video after I watched one of JUNHO’s ‘My House’ performances. The 2PM MMTG video was terrific.” 

Han Ga InAs she said this, Jaejae got excited about her mentioning JUNHO and ‘My House’ performances by 2PM. 

She responded, “Oh! You like ‘My House’ by 2PM! And you chose to go to JUNHO’s house!” 

Without warning, Han Ga In shouted, “Hey, where is your house?!” 

Han Ga InThen, the caption written, “JUNHO invited everyone to his house, but never told anyone where his house actually is.” was shown. 

Han Ga In playfully added, “I was happy raising my children at home, but I almost ran away from home at that time.”  

Following that, the actress continued to explain how she got to watch more videos made by MMTG. 

Han Ga In stated, “After I watched the 2PM MMTG video, YouTube kept recommending me other MMTG videos. So, I ended up watching a lot of them.” 


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