[ Star] CRAVITY HYEONGJUN Shares Hilarious Ways to Survive in His Family with Two Sisters

HYEONGJUN of K-pop boy group CRAVITY shared hilarious ways to survive in his family with two older sisters. 

Recently, one past live broadcast of HYEONGJUN resurfaced and started going around online. 

In this broadcast, HYEONGJUN shares his ways of surviving in his family with two older sisters. 

HYEONGJUNHYEONGJUN said, “First, you must reside at home as if you don’t exist. Make sure you don’t catch the eye of your sisters.” 

He continued, “Second, if any of your sisters call you, go right away. Third, eat as fast as you can when you are eating alone with them.” 

He explained the third way in more detail, “That is to avoid having to clean up and wash the dishes after the meal. They always used to tell me that the last one to finish eating has to do the cleaning and washing.” 

HYEONGJUNAfter that, HYEONGJUN continued to share his secrets to living harmoniously(?) with his sisters. 

The K-pop star said, “Fourth, you must eat as if you’re really enjoying it when she buys food for you.” 

Lastly, he talked about the best approach one should take in order to watch television in the living room in peace. 

HYEONGJUN commented, “If there is only one television at home, you must grab the remote control before they do.” 

He resumed, “But this way, you might get hit with a remote control, so be very careful.” 

His survival methods are making many older sisters and little brothers out there relate and laugh. 



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