[ Star] “I Don’t Like Garlic” Non-Korean Fans Are Surprised About How Much Garlic IU Puts in Her Soup

Many Non-Korean fans are surprised to see how much K-pop artist IU put in her soup despite not liking it. 

Recently, one past video of IU resurfaced and circulated online. 

It was a video where IU made different dishes in celebration of her 13th debut anniversary. 

First, she made some seaweed soup, which is usually eaten on a birthday. 

IUWhen she was adding flavors to the soup, she got ready to add minced garlic. 

Then, IU commented, “Since I’m not a fan of garlic, I’m only going to add a tiny bit of it just to give a little garlic flavor.” 

As she said this, she scooped a large amount of minced garlic with a wooden spoon, then dumped it in the soup. 

IUThis particular part of the video made lots of non-Korean fans confused, because she said she did not like garlic, but put so much garlic in the soup. 

Koreans are garlic lovers; Korea has the highest volume of per capita garlic consumption in the world, after China. 

After actually witnessing this through IU’s cooking video, international fans left comments in surprise. 

Their comments included, “That’s a tiny bit? Wow…”, “She’s a true Korean!”, “I wonder how much garlic an average Korean would put in their soup LOL.” and so on. 


(Credit=”이지금 [IU Official]” Facebook) 

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