[ Star] JENNIE Says She Feels Jealous Because Jung Hae In Seems to Know JISOO Too Well

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK’s member JENNIE said that she feels jealous because it feels like actor Jung Hae In knows about her fellow member JISOO too well. 

On January 25, BLACKPINK went live on NAVER V LIVE to spend some time with fans. 

BLACKPINKWhile they were talking together, JENNIE mentioned watching JISOO and Jung Hae In’s interview recently. 

JENNIE said, “JISOO, I felt kind of jealous watching that interview, you know.” 

When asked why, JENNIE explained, “He seemed to know about you too well. He was like I’m BLINK (the name of BLACKPINK’s fandom) and all.” 

JISOO laughed at her cute explanation, then commented, “But you know me better.” 

JENNIE answered, “Yeah, exactly. I know you much better. So, I felt jealous. I was like, ‘I know her better…!'” 

BLACKPINKCurrently, JISOO and Jung Hae In star in JTBC’s drama ‘Snowdrop’ together. 

In their recent interview, Jung Hae In managed to get all JISOO’s nicknames right―Chichu, Jisoon-ni and Chu. 

After getting them right, he referred to himself as BLINK. 


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