[ Star] Everyone Comments, “It Looks like My Grandpa’s House” After Seeing WINNER YOON’s Home

YOON of K-pop boy group WINNER’s grandpa’s home-like home was revealed. 

On January 23 episode of MBC’s television show ‘Where Is My Home’, YOON made a guest appearance. 

In this episode, WINNER’s dorm was briefly shown during the opening. 

Currently, YOON lives with HOONY in an apartment unit together. 

YOONWhen the living room of their dorm was shown, the hosts and other guests commented, “Is that seriously your home?” 

They asked, “Even though it’s a dorm, doesn’t your interior designing style affect how it looks?” 

YOON laughed and responded, “Yes, it certainly does. But I completely failed at designing our place nicely.” 

He continued, “I’ve been living in a dorm for 11 years, and I think I picked wrong furniture to start with. After that particular one, it just couldn’t get out from looking like that.” 

YOONAfter that, the host Boom said, “I thought your home would look trendier and nicer. But honestly, your home reminds me of my grandpa’s house!” 

YOON laughingly said, “I don’t really think before I buy my furniture. I just buy them.” 

Then, Jang Dong-min playfully commented, “I think your fans will be happy to see how your home looks, because it looks like you’ve never invited any girls over.” 

Upon hearing this, YOON and everybody in the studio burst out laughing. 

YOON(Credit= MBC Where Is My Home) 

( Star) 

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