[ Star] Lee You-mi Shares an Unbelievable Number of Auditions She Has Attended Until Now

Actress Lee You-mi revealed an unbelievable number of auditions she has gone to until now. 

Recently, fashion magazine ESQUIRE released a video of Lee You-mi online. 

In the video, Lee You-mi answered a series of questions about herself. 

One of the questions was, “How many auditions have you gone to until now?” 

Lee You-miLee You-mi answered, “I can’t even count them. There were way too many!” 

After that, she looked back on the past for a brief moment, then said, “Wow, I’ve really lived a hectic life. I didn’t rest much at all.” 

She continued, “It’s easily over a hundred times. But I think it was around 4 to 500 times? I’ve honestly gone to countless auditions.” 

Lee You-mi got her name out there with her role as ‘Ji-young’ in Netflix’s mega-hit series ‘Squid Game’ that was premiered last year. 

Currently, her new project another Netflix’s series ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is gaining a lot of attention from Netflix users around the world. 

‘All of Us Are Dead’ is about a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak, and trapped students trying to fight their way out. 

Lee You-mi(Credit=”leeyoum262″ Instagram, ‘ESQUIRE Korea’ YouTube) 

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