[ Star] Super Junior ShinDong Talks About a K-pop Star Who Plays a Diva; Reveals to Be SM Ent. Artist

ShinDong of K-pop boy group Super Junior spoke about one K-pop star who has a reputation for being a diva. 

On February 4, a video was uploaded on entertainer Kim Gu-ra’s YouTube channel. 

In this video, Kim Gu-ra and K-pop stars including ShinDong shared stories about some stars in the K-pop industry who are just too full of themselves. 

ShinDongDuring the talk, ShinDong said, “You know, there are some people who are picky about brands. There is this well-known story about one K-pop star that I heard in the past.” 

ShinDong started telling the story, “This K-pop star was such a diva. When the staff were giving a bottle of water to one K-pop group members, he/she refused to take the bottle and said something to them.” 

ShinDongThe Super Junior member continued, “He/she was like, ‘I only drink Evian (one of the finest bottled water that can be easily find in stores around the world).’ So, the staff panicked and started looking for Evian.”

He went on, “But it was hard to get Evian at that time, as they didn’t have enough time, so one staff just filled water in an empty Evian bottle, then gave it to the K-pop star.” 

He resumed, “The K-pop star opened that fake Evian water bottle, then had a sip. He/she was like, ‘Ah, Evian never lets me down.'” 

ShinDongTo this, Kim Gu-ra laughed and commented, “Yeah, I’ve heard that story before as well. I actually know who that is. He/she is under your management agency SM Entertainment, isn’t he/she?” 

ShinDong responded, “Ah yes, I know who that is too, but…” 

Then, ShinDong awkwardly smiled and spared his breath, making everybody laugh. 


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