[ Star] “I Can Get Rewards” Seohyun Says She Leaves Photo Reviews After Buying Clothes Online

Seohyun of K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation shared that she always leaves photo reviews when shopping online. 

On February 8, a press conference for Seohyun’s upcoming movie ‘Love and Leashes’ was held. 

As ‘Love and Leashes’ is about a secretive liking, Seohyun was asked if she had any secretive liking. 

SeohyunSeohyun answered, “I wouldn’t say this is a secretive liking, but I do like doing this one particular thing that not a lot of people know that I do.” 

She continued, “I actually shop online for my clothes a lot, and I write photo reviews for all of them in order to get points that I can use as cash when I pay.” 

She went on, “Since you can’t see my face in the photos, nobody will know that it’s me. So, I write a detailed review with a photo of myself with the clothing on.” 

SeohyunThen, Seohyun revealed that her reviews were even picked as ‘the best review’ several times before. 

Seohyun said, “If I write them well, they give you more points, so I put much effort into it. I put more effort into the reviews than I should, really.” 

She resumed, “All thanks to my effort, my reviews were chosen as ‘the best review’ about three to four times in the past. They gave me lots of points for the win.” 

She excitedly added, “For my most recent one, they gave me boxes of packed milk. I’m having it every day.” 

Seohyun(Credit=”seojuhyun_s” Instagram) 

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