[ Star] “Is the ID Your Older Brother’s?” NU’EST REN Smiles After Getting Asked for His ID

REN of K-pop boy group NU’EST was seen looking happy after getting his ID checked. 

On February 8, a new video was uploaded on NU’EST’s official YouTube channel. 

The video was REN’s vlog that showed his day when he was by himself. 

RENAfter watching television and massaging his head at home, REN headed out to grab something to eat.

He explained that it was his first time eating alone at a restaurant that he felt really awkward about it. 

He successfully ordered food, then asked the waitress if he could also get a bottle of beer. 

The woman was not seen in the camera, but it seemed like she did not know who REN was. 

She asked for his ID, and REN put his mask down while she matched his ID photo with him. 

RENAs she was checking, she asked REN, “This isn’t your older brother’s, right?”, as if she was a little suspicious of his age on the ID. 

REN laughed and answered, “No, no. It’s mine.” 

When she left, REN shyly smiled and commented, “This is making me blush a little.” 

In the caption over the video, REN wrote, “I guess I look quite young for my age haha.” 


REN is 28 years old (Korean age), and he seemed quite happy that someone had mistaken him as underage. 

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