[ Star] Kim Tae Ri & Nam Joo Hyuk Share They Totally Forgot that They Worked Together Years Ago

Actress Kim Tae Ri and actor Nam Joo Hyuk shared that they had totally forgotten about working together in the past. 

On February 10, an online press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Twenty-five Twenty-one’ took place. 

During the press conference, Nam Joo Hyuk talked about meeting Kim Tae Ri for the read-through. 

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae RiNam Joo Hyuk said, “I thought it was our first time meeting each other then, but it turned out we actually met each other before.” 

He continued, “We filmed a television commercial together years ago. I honestly thought it was my first time meeting her. Well, thanks to that though, we were able to become close very quickly.” 

Kim Tae Ri burst out laughing after listening to his words, then commented, “It wasn’t even just one commercial. We filmed two television commercials together. But I honestly couldn’t remember that either.”  

She laughingly went on, “I don’t know how both of us had completely forgotten the fact.” 

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae RiNam Joo Hyuk added, “Yeah, when we first met for ‘Twenty-five Twenty-one’, we were like, ‘Hi, it’s our first time meeting one another, right? Pleasure to meet you.'” 

He laughed and resumed, “One day though, I happened to remember filming those two commercials together. When I brought that up to her, she looked so confused that I thought I had made a mistake or something.” 

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri(Credit= tvN Twenty-five Twenty-one, KB Card) 

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