Figure Skater Cha Jun-hwan Shyly Shares BLACKPINK ROSE Is His Type

Figure skater Cha Jun-hwan revealed to be BLINK (the name of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK’s fandom) whose bias is ROSÉ. 

On February 8, Cha Jun-hwan finished fifth in men’s singles figure skating at the ‘Beijing 2022’. 

This marked the best Olympic performance by a South Korean male figure skater. 

Following this incredible achievement, he became the talk of the town, and his past photos/videos also resurfaced. 

Cha Jun-hwanOne video attracted the attention of many K-pop fans, and that was his interview from last month. 

Towards the end of the interview, Cha Jun-hwan was asked whether there was any celebrity that he wanted to get support from. 

Cha Jun-hwan shyly laughed and answered, “It’s ROSÉ.” 

Even though he was only saying such a short sentence, “It’s ROSÉ.”, he stuttered with a shy smile. 

Cha Jun-hwanThen, Cha Jun-hwan was asked if there was anything he wished to say ROSÉ. 

Cha Jun-hwan said, “I hope you keep making great music.”, then awkwardly added while blushing, “Keep up the good work!” 


Previously in 2020, Cha Jun-hwan revealed that actress Song Ji-hyo was his type. 

It seemed like he switched to ROSÉ not so long ago that a lot of BLINK are excited about him joining the fandom. 

(Credit= MBC, ‘roses_are_rosie’ Instagram) 

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