[ Star] ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Park Ji Hu Tells an Interesting Reason Why She Does Not Search Herself Online

Actress Park Ji Hu shared an interesting reason why she does not search her name online. 

On February 11 episode of POWER FM’s radio show ‘Kim Yeong-chul Power FM’, Park Ji Hu made a guest appearance. 

During the conversation, Park Ji Hu spoke about her appearance as ‘On-jo’ in ‘All of Us Are Dead’. 

Netflix’s recently-premiered series ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is about a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak, and trapped students trying to fight their way out. 

Currently, ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is attracting a lot of attention from Netflix users across the globe. 

Park Ji HuPark Ji Hu said, “I actually filmed ‘All of Us Are Dead’ when I was a high school student in real life. My school was in Daegu, and the set for the series was in Icheon. So, I went back and forth the two cities at that time.” 

Then, Park Ji Hu was asked if she was a good student who excelled in her studies. 

The actress laughed and answered, “Well, I did my best. When I had to choose between studying and memorizing lines for ‘All of Us Are Dead’ though, I chose to memorize my lines.” 

Park Ji HuFollowing that, the host Kim Yeong-chul revealed that a message from a listener came in that stated, “How often do you search yourself online these days, Ji Hu?” 

Park Ji Hu responded, “I used to search myself on social media all the time. But after I mentioned this at one interview, a lot of people were like, ‘Let’s be careful what we say about Ji Hu online. She may be looking at all our posts.'” 

She resumed, “After seeing those kinds of posts, I was like, ‘Perhaps I should stop looking at them now.’ So, I just stopped searching my name online after that.”  

Park Ji Hu(Credit=”03_hu” Instagram, ‘[철파엠] 김영철의 파워FM 공식계정’ YouTube) 

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