[ Star] ARMYs Share Hilarious Reactions to BTS V’s New Hobby: Judo

Fans of K-pop boy group BTS, ARMY, shared the funniest reactions to the group’s member V’s latest Instagram update of him practicing Judo.

On February 10, V took to his personal Instagram and shared a short video of himself practicing Judo.

Although V is still a white belter, the beginner level of Judo, the clip shows how professional he really is.

VIn the short clip, V, in his white uniform, successfully throws down his partner during their sparring session.

Of course, the newest Instagram update of V sparked immense reactions from ARMYs all around the world.

The reactions include:

VV later took to BTS’ Weverse and revealed that he first practiced Judo a bit in about 14~15 years ago, although he had no chance to practice it regularly after that.

V(Credit= Twitter, ‘thv’ Instagram)

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