[ Star] “I Want to Grow Old like Him” Lee Kwang Soo Says to Have Shared His Great Respect for Ji Suk Jin

Actor Lee Kwang Soo revealed to have shared his great respect for entertainer Ji Suk Jin. 

On February 15 episode of MBC’s television show ‘That Oppa from the Tteokbokki Place’, actor Lee Dong Hwi made a guest appearance. 

Lee Dong HwiDuring the talk, Lee Dong Hwi mentioned being close friends with Ji Suk Jin despite their 19-year age gap. 

He said, “There was never a moment when we had to overcome the generation gap, because there was none to begin with.” 

Ji Suk Jin added, “I rarely speak about the past in ‘Back in my days…’ sort of form. I’ve never felt like there was a generation gap between us.” 

Lee Dong HwiThen, Lee Dong Hwi shared a surprising thing that Lee Kwang Soo said to him about Ji Suk Jin. 

Lee Dong Hwi said, “You know what Kwang Soo told me? He said, ‘If I have to get old, I would like to grow old like Suk Jin.'” 

He continued, “Kwang Soo told me that deep inside him, he has great respect for you, Suk Jin. I actually want to grow old like you as well.” 

Ji Suk JinLee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin featured in ‘ television show ‘Running Man’ for about 10 years together.  

The two stars are always seen having small arguments with each other, and Lee Kwang Soo complaining how him and Ji Suk Jin are so different on ‘Running Man’. 

However, it turned out that was just Lee Kwang Soo’s cute complain; in fact, he had much respect for Ji Suk Jin than anybody had thought. 

(Credit= MBC That Oppa from the Tteokbokki Place, ‘jeeseokjin’ Instagram) 

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