[ Star] WEi Kim Yo Han Non-stop Brags About His Sisters Winning at a National Taekwondo Competition

Kim Yo Han of K-pop boy group WEi continued to brag about his sisters winning at a national taekwondo competition. 

Recently, one of Kim Yo Han’s younger sisters won a gold medal at a national taekwondo competition for middle school students. 

After the win, Kim Yo Han posted photos of himself with a cake with a congratulatory message on Instagram. 

Kim Yo HanKim Yo Han used to be a taekwondo player before he made debut in the K-pop industry. 

He has two younger sisters, who are currently taekwondo players. 

As they are in the field where Kim Yo Han used to be, he is very supportive of them at all times. 

Whenever his sisters win a medal at a national competition, he posts a post on his Instagram congratulating them. 

The captions in his posts included, “You’ve done well! I’m so proud of you, my little one!”, “You are so much better than I am! I don’t have a medal from that competition myself. Congratulations!” and so on. 

Kim Yo HanUnlike some other families with siblings of opposite sex, where a lot of fights are seen, Kim Yo Han is known for his great love for his sisters. 

Previously, Kim Yo Han posted a photo of himself with his sisters, all wearing a taekwondo uniform. 

Along with this photo, he even wrote, “My everything.” 

Kim Yo Han(Credit=”y_haa.n” Instagram) 

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