Apink BOMI’s Leg Bleeds While Performing ‘Dilemma’ on a Music Show

BOMI of K-pop girl group Apink’s leg bled while performing on a music show. 

On February 20, a fancam of BOMI performing the group’s new song ‘Dilemma’ was uploaded on YouTube. 

It was a fancam from her performance on ‘ music show ‘Inkigayo’ on that day. 

BOMIDuring the performance, BOMI wore light pink crop top shirt, dark pink shorts and white long boots. 

As she danced, the top of the long boots kept scraping her skin. 

It bled a little at first, but it bled more and more as the performance went on, that a lot of blood was seen at the end of the performance. 

BOMIBut throughout the performance, BOMI did not show she was being hurt by the boots a single bit. 

She remained professional, and her dance was more flawless than ever. 

Under this video, fans left comments such as, “Oh no…! It must’ve hurt so much!”, “Ouch! That looks really painful.”, “BOMI is so professional!” and so on. 


(Credit=”케이팝 / KPOP” YouTube) 

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