[ Star] Many Are Surprised to Discover Jay Park Lives in a Very Ordinary-looking House

Everyone is surprised after finding out how Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park’s house looks like. 

As Jay Park is so successful, and known for his trendy senses, a lot of people assumed that he would live in a luxury penthouse with a trendy but unique interior. 

However, it was recently discovered that Jay Park lives in a very ordinary-looking house, and many are surprised about this. 

Jay Park
Jay ParkJust a while ago, one Jay Park’s fan compiled photos of Jay Park at home which he had posted online in the past, and posted them on a popular online community. 

In the photos, Jay Park’s living room, kitchen, and bedroom were seen. 

The interior surprisingly looked a little distant from being luxurious; it was closer to ordinary homes in Korea. 

Furniture from a television cabinet to kitchen drawers seemed quite old-fashioned. 

Even his duvet and his dogs’ blankets seemed unstylish, which also seemed dated. 

Jay Park does live in Apgujeong-dong―one of the most expensive areas to live in Seoul, but it was certainly unexpected that he decorated his house this way. 

Jay ParkAfter seeing these photos, a great number of people said how his home looked much like their own home, and that they feel closer to Jay Park. 

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