[ Star] ‘The Penthouse’ Yoon Jong-hoon Spotted Lining Up for Ages to Eat at a Famous Pho Restaurant

Actor Yoon Jong-hoon was spotted lining up for over 30 minutes to eat at a famous pho restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul.

On February 21 episode of tvN’s television show ‘The Must-try Restaurants’, Yoon Jong-hoon made a surprise appearance. 

In this episode, the host Park Na-rae, YouTuber Haetnim and chef Jung Ri-na went to one popular pho restaurant in Gangnam. 

They waited for about an hour to get in, and they ordered the restaurant’s signature menu―spicy pho with tripe. 

The Must-try RestaurantsWhile they were enjoying their pho, Jung Ri-na noticed one person in the corner a little far from them, “Look, we have a celebrity over there!” 

Haetnim commented, “Wow, he really shines among everyone here, doesn’t he?” 

Then, Park Na-rae responded in a surprised tone of voice, “What? Who is it? Jong-hoon?!” 

She looked at her phone and stated, “Oh, he messaged me just a short while ago! He said, ‘Are you enjoying the pho with tripe?'” 

The Must-try RestaurantsInstead of messaging him back, Park Na-rae looked towards his seat and gave him the thumb up. 

Luckily, Yoon Jong-hoon saw this right away, and gave her the thumb up back with a big smile.

Jung Ri-na said, “I wonder if he lined up as well.”, which Park Na-rae responded, “I’m sure he did, too.” 

Then, the production team found out Yoon Jong-hoon had waited outside for just over half an hour before he entered the restaurant. 

The Must-try Restaurants(Credit= tvN The Must-try Restaurants, The Penthouse)  

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