[ Star] Taeyeon·KEY Crack Up as a Viewer Mistakes Taeyeon’s Cassette Tape Album as Cigarette Pack

Taeyeon of K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation and KEY of boy group SHINee burst out laughing as one viewer mistook her cassette tape album as a pack of cigarette. 

On February 23, Taeyeon and KEY joined popular mukbang YouTuber Haetnim’s live stream on YouTube. 

During their mukbang, KEY happened to spot one comment that said, “Is that a pack of cigarette in the middle?” 

After seeing this comment, Taeyeon, KEY and Haetnim all looked around the room, trying to find this ‘cigarette pack’. 

Taeyeon and KEYThen, KEY saw Taeyeon’s cassette tape album behind the chair that Taeyeon was sitting on. 

As soon as they discovered the ‘cigarette pack’ was Taeyeon’s cassette tape album, they all collapsed in convulsive laughter. 

Haetnim commented, “Oh, it must be because the younger generation doesn’t know what a cassette tape is.” 

While still laughing, Taeyeon said, “It does kind of look like a pack of cigarette though. I had no idea it looked like one!” 

She continued, “Everyone, stop smoking, okay? It’s not a pack of cigarette. It’s my new album. It’s just a cassette tape edition.” 

Taeyeon and KEYKEY stated, “This is so funny. There were too many comments earlier, so it was really hard to read. But that particular comment just caught my eye.”

He laughingly resumed, “I was like, ‘What is this person talking about? There is no cigarette here.’ After finding out that he/she was talking about Taeyeon’s album, I couldn’t stop laughing!” 


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