[ Star] WINNER HOONY Responds to a Test Result that Shows Him & NCT MARK May Get Married

HOONY of K-pop boy group WINNER hilariously responded to a test result saying that him and MARK of another boy group NCT may get married. 

On February 23, HOONY updated his Twitter with an interesting post. 

HOONY tweeted a result from a fun K-pop-related test that he just took online.  

HOONYThe test was, “A K-pop male star who you have even as little as one percent chance of marrying.” 

In HOONY’s result, it said, “You have a four percent chance of marrying NCT MARK.” 

In response to the test result, HOONY wrote, “Okay, it’s not like there is no chance at all then…” 


After seeing this post, a lot of K-pop fans laughed at the result as well as his response. 

Most of all, they could not believe that this was a post that was uploaded on his official Twitter account, because it was just so random. 

Their comments included, “LOL Why did he take the test in the first place?”, “A four percent chance? It may actually happen, guys. Let’s wait and see.”, “This is hilarious! It totally made my day!” and more.  

HOONY(Credit=”official_hoony_” Twitter, ‘maetamong’ ‘onyourm__ark’ Instagram) 

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