[ Star] Miyawaki Sakura’s Birthday Ad Sparks Criticism in Korea

A birthday advertisement designed for former K-pop girl group IZ*ONE member Miyawaki Sakura received heavy criticism online.

In celebration of Sakura’s upcoming birthday on March 19, her fans designed a subway birthday advertisement in celebration of the special day.

Miyawaki SakuraAccording to the information given from the fans who organized the  special event, the advertisement will be displayed from February 28 to March 31 at Samseong Station in Seoul, Korea.

The advertisement is designed like a 5-cut comic book, but the bottom left panel caused an controversy online as it looks like the Rising Sun symbol.

걸그룹 아이즈원 출신 일본인 미야와키 사쿠라 생일 축하 광고 (사진=서경덕 교수 제공)The Rising Sun flag is widely known as the symbol of Japan’s wartime aggression and Japanese imperialism.

It is the flag that the Imperial Japanese Army waved in the front lines every time they invaded other countries during the World War II.

Since March 1 is the Independence Movement Day of Korea, the timing of the advertisement made the whole situation even worse.

걸그룹 아이즈원 출신 일본인 미야와키 사쿠라 생일 축하 광고 제거된 상태 (사진=서울교통공사 제공)Meanwhile, the advertisement has been taken down from the subway station, while the fans who organized the advertisement event have yet to share their response regarding the issue.

(Credit= Online Community, Mnet)

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