BLACKPINK JISOO Turns Paris Fashion Week Into Her Fan Meeting

JISOO of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK transformed Paris Fashion Week into her fan meeting. 

On March 2, JISOO went to a fashion show for one luxury brand in Paris, France for Fashion Week. 

While the fashion show went on, her fans started gathering around the entrance to see her following the show. 


After the show when JISOO walked out of the venue, she expressed the liveliest surprise at the sight of the number of her fans. 

On this day, JISOO wore a yellow plaid mini dress with a collared top and black tie underneath. 

She matched this cute outfit with a gray blazer and black heels that added an elegant vibe to it. 

Hundreds of them instantly went excited as they saw JISOO. 

They screamed her name out loud, and filmed her with their phones and cameras. 

Since there were so many of her fans, there were lots of bodyguards and staff surrounding her for protection and safety. 


In return for their love, JISOO waved to fans with a bright smile, and also blew them a kiss. 

She made sure she gave the same smile and kiss to fans in all directions as well. 

Once again, JISOO proved her tremendous popularity in Paris. 


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