[ Star] Lee Jung Jae Shares a Video of Him Unboxing a Gift from BLACKPINK JENNIE

It was revealed that actor Lee Jung Jae received a box of gift from JENNIE of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. 

On March 5, Lee Jung Jae uploaded a new video on his Instagram with the caption, “Thank you, JENNIE.” 

The video showed a big purple box that was delivered to Lee Jung Jae. 

On this box, it said, “For Lee Jung Jae sunbaenim.” in a big writing above her autograph. 

As Lee Jung Jae unboxed the gift, a bunch of orange flowers was seen on the top of the box. 

Along with the flowers, there was a stylish pair of sunglasses packed inside as well. 

Lee Jung Jae smiled after seeing the sunglasses, then tried them on. 

Lee Jung JaeLee Jung Jae and JENNIE first met when Lee Jung Jae was shooting Netflix’s series ‘Squid Game’. 

At that time, she came to see her friend Jung Hoyeon, who also featured in the series. 

Via various interviews, they shared that they are both fan of each other. 


Previously, JENNIE shared that her name actually came from Lee Jung Jae’s character ‘Baik Jae-hee’ in 1995’s popular drama ‘Sandglass’. 

Her mother was a big fan of Lee Jung Jae at that time, and thought to herself, she would name her child ‘Jae-hee’. 

But since a daughter was born, she named her ‘Je-ni’, which sounded close to ‘Jae-hee’. 


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