‘HYBE Labels’ Trainees Trainee A Spotted Taking Their Group Profile Photos

Male trainees of K-pop boy group BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s management agency HYBE Labels were unveiled. 

On March 8, HYBE Labels released a video of their male trainees Trainee A on YouTube. 

‘Trainee A’ is a group of seven male trainees at HYBE Labels, who are working onto make debut as K-pop stars. 

HYBE Labels recently made different social media accounts for them, and uploaded individual photos and videos of them. 

The video marked the first time they were properly seen together to the public though. 

Trainee AIt showed the trainees getting ready for their first-ever monthly evaluation together. 

They also took part in a photoshoot where they posed together as a group. 

During the photoshoot, they first wore the same white t-shirt and light-colored jeans, and made cute and happy poses. 

Then, they matched their appearance with a black t-shirt and black pants afterwards. 

This time, they made poses with a serious look on their faces. 

Trainee AAbout the photoshoot, Woo-chan said, “It was the first time that all seven of us took photos together. So, it was really cool, but it felt a little strange at the same time.” 

He added, “I don’t think I would ever forget that photoshoot.” 

Their first collective photoshoot showed that their ‘visuals’ blend very well with each other, and it is making many K-pop fans around the world excited. 


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