[ Star] T.O.P Changes His Official Profile; Preparing His Departure from BIGBANG?

T.O.P of K-pop boy group BIGBANG has updated his official profile.

On March 22, fans found out that T.O.P’s official profile online had been updated.

T.O.PT.O.P not only changed his official profile photo, but also edited some information about him.

While BIGBANG and GD&TOP are still there as the group that he is taking part in, T.O.P removed YG Entertainment as his management agency.

BIGBANGEarlier this month, it was reported that T.O.P has decided to part ways with YG Entertainment as his exclusive contract with the agency is coming to an end.

During his recent interview with fashion magazine Prestige Hong Kong, T.O.P shared his doubts about his future with BIGBANG.

He said, “From the beginning, I’ve always shared with my fans that I’m fully proud that I am T.O.P of BIGBANG. But in the last few years, I was starting to think that maybe this was the end, and maybe there won’t be T.O.P of BIGBANG for a while.”

T.O.P added that while he is always open to a reunion with BIGBANG members, but that the April release might be the group’s final release for the foreseeable future.

T.O.PMeanwhile, T.O.P’s official profile renewal took place in only two weeks before BIGBANG’s comeback.

BIGBANG is all set to release a new song on April 5, making the group’s comeback in approximately four years.

(Credit= Naver, YG Entertainment)

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