[ Star] TWICE JIHYO Realizes that NMIXX KYUJIN Was Born After She Joined JYP Entertainment

JIHYO of K-pop girl group TWICE shared her shocking realization that her labelmate KYUJIN of another girl group NMIXX was born after she joined JYP Entertainment.

Recently, JIHYO interacted with her fans through Bubble, an online fan communication service.

While talking about various things in life, JIHYO shared an interesting fact that she recently came to a realization.

JIHYO, KYUJINJIHYO said, “Guys, I recently heard something shocking. NMIXX’s maknae (group’s youngest member) was born after I joined the company.”

She added, “But that’s because I joined the company at such a young age…”

JIHYO, KYUJINJIHYO joined JYP Entertainment on July 15, 2005, when she was only in elementary school.

NMIXX’s maknae KYUJIN wasn’t even born when JIHYO was a trainee, as she was born on May 26, 2006.

(Credit= JYP Entertainment, NAVER)

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