WEi Yoo Yong Ha’s Sister Had No Idea He Was in the Same Group as Kim Yo Han?

Yoo Yong Ha of K-pop boy group WEi shared that his sister initially had no idea that he was in the same group as Kim Yo Han. 

Recently, one past video of Yoo Yong Ha and Kim Yo Han was revisited by many K-pop fans. 

They enjoyed watching one part of the video funny in particular, and it was where Yoo Yong Ha spoke about his older sister. 

Yoo Yong HaYoo Yong Ha said, “The other day, I talked to my sister for the first time in like a month. She was like, ‘Yong Ha, I heard that you are in the same group as Kim Yo Han. Is that really true? My friend told me about it.'” 

Kim Yo Han burst into laughter and commented, “Isn’t she too uninterested in you?” 

Yoo Yong Ha responded, “Yeah, she isn’t interested in me at all. When I told her that I was, she didn’t believe me at first as well.” 

He continued, “She was like, ‘For real? Let me talk to him. Get him on the phone.’ But you were out of the dorm at that time for a public event, so I told her that.”

He went on, “After hearing my words, she said, ‘Okay then. I’ll call you some other time.’ She didn’t call me again for ages.” 

Yoo Yong HaThen, Yoo Yong Ha mentioned another incident that got him think how uninterested his sister is about him. 

Yoo Yong Ha stated, “She called me and said, ‘Yong Ha, you have a long hair now, right? My friend told me about it.’ It’s always her friend!”

After that, Yoo Yong Ha and Kim Yo Han laughed together. 


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