[ Star] Park Seo Ham Takes His Visa Photo at a Photo Booth; Laughs After Seeing the Photos

Actor Park Seo Ham took his visa photo at a photo booth at a subway station, and the photos made him laugh. 

Recently, one past video of Park Seo Ham when he was a member of K-pop boy group KNK went viral online. 

It was a video of the members of KNK taking their visa photos at a photo booth at a subway station. 

They were pretty excited before they headed to the subway station, because they had never taken their photos there in the past. 

Park Seo HamPark Seo Ham was the first one to go, and the group’s hairstylist combed his hair. 

She parted his hair in the middle to make sure his eyebrows were shown to follow the photo guidelines.

After taking the photos and seeing how he looked on the screen, Park Seo Ham commented, “I think I look good in it.” 

He continued, “I remember taking sticker photos with my mom when I was young. This reminds me of that time.” 

Then, Park Seo Ham laughed hard as he looked at his photos that were printed. 

For some reason, they looked quite different to how they looked on the screen. 

Park Seo Ham
Park Seo HamFollowing Park Seo Ham, all the other members of KNK took turns to take their visa photos. 

Every time their photos came out, they could not stop laughing. 

At the end of the video, they were seen making a reasonable conclusion about a photo booth. 

They all said with a bitter smile, “I see why people go to a photo studio to get their ID, visa or passport photos taken by a photographer now.” 


(Credit=”크나큰 KNK” YouTube) 

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