[ Star] AKMU Lee Su-hyun Receives the Funniest Support from Lee Chan-hyuk

Lee Su-hyun of K-pop duo AKMU received a hilarious snack truck from her brother Lee Chan-hyuk. 

On March 29, Lee Su-hyun updated her Instagram with two new photos. 

The first photo was of Lee Su-hyun standing in front of a snack truck that said, “From your brother.” 

Over this photo, Lee Su-hyun wrote, “Oh, I’m a little touched right now.” 

AKMUIn the next photo, there was a photo of the door of a snack truck that included a photo of Lee Chan-hyuk and his message. 

In his message, Lee Chan-hyuk wrote, “I don’t know what you are up to, but do well.” 

On this photo, Lee Su-hyun commented, “Why did you send me this snack truck if you don’t know what I’m doing?! I feel kind of good in a way though.” 

AKMUTheir ‘true sibling’ moment is making many K-pop fans laugh at the moment. 

Fans left comments such as, “LOL Maybe their parents told him to send her a snack truck.”, “It seems like he feels the responsibility as her brother to give her support, but he probably doesn’t want to know the details.”, “This is probably the most caring as he gets!” and so on. 

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