[ Star] “Their Last Comeback Was in 2020!” Fans Are Unhappy that BLACKPINK Is on Such a Long Break

Fans are unhappy about the number of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK’s comebacks. 

Recently, more and more fans have been commenting on how they would like to see BLACKPINK return to the industry with a new album. 

The last album that BLACKPINK released was in October 2020―’THE ALBUM’ with the title track ‘Lovesick Girls’. 

It had already been 17 months since then, and it took them 14 months to make ‘THE ALBUM’ comeback as well.

BLACKPINKGenerally speaking, most K-pop groups drop a new album at least every six months. 

BLACKPINK made debut in August 2016, which makes it six years since their debut. 

However, the total of BLACKPINK’s songs in all of their albums only add up to 23 tracks. 

Including their solo tracks, it still only makes up to 28 tracks in total. 

BLACKPINKAnother popular girl group TWICE that made debut about 10 months before BLACKPINK, for example, have 30 title tracks. 

This is not the total number of TWICE’s songs in all their albums, but only the number of their title tracks. 

A lot of fans are saying that they are tired of always having to wait for BLACKPINK’s comebacks. 

They are desperately asking BLACKPINK’s management agency YG Entertainment for the group’s new album as soon as possible. 

BLACKPINK(Credit= YG Entertainment) 

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