SHOWNU Spotted Having the Time of His Life at MONSTA X Seoul Concert

K-pop boy group MONSTA X’s leader SHOWNU was seen having a blast at MONSTA X concert on the weekend. 

On September 4, the last day of MONSTA X’s world tour ‘NO LIMIT in Seoul’ took place at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. 

On this day, SHOWNU, who is currently serving his alternative national mandatory duty, took a day-off from his duty and went to see the concert.

His seat was located in the first row in the middle on the first floor; he sat among fans. 

He held the group’s official lightstick in his hand, and wildly shook it about throughout the concert. 

It definitely seemed like he was excited about being part of MONSTA X’s concert as a fan in the audience, not as an artist on stage. 


When it was time for MONSTA X to perform their hit track ‘Shoot Out’, MINHYUK asked SHOWNU if he was ready to dance with them. 

SHOWNU nodded and started dancing to ‘Shoot Out’ as soon as the music started to play. 

He stopped dancing after like 15 seconds, since he felt too shy to keep going, but lucky fans around him at least got to see his performance right in front of them, even for a brief moment. 


There is something that the members of MONSTA X do towards the end of every concert, and that is to thank their fans by shouting, “Love you, MONBEBE (the name of MONSTA X’s official fandom)!” altogether. 

MONSTA X members on stage really wanted SHOWNU to be included in this ritual that they asked SHOWNU if he could say, “Love you!” 

They also asked fans to remain silent for a bit, because SHOWNU did not have a microphone with him that he had to shout as loud as he could with his own voice. 

When SHOWNU’s loud voice, “Love you!” filled the stadium, the rest of the members shouted, “MONBEBE!” with a big smile. 


At the end of the concert, SHOWNU came out of the venue by himself and waved, bowed to fans outside. 

He left in a van, continuing to wave and smile to fans.



(Credit=”OfficialMonstaX” ‘ChaehyungwonC’ ‘shownuayo’ ‘zziging’ ‘crying_bebe’ ‘coenffl1207’ Twitter, STARSHIP Entertainment, Online Community) 

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SHOWNU Spotted Having the Time of His Life at MONSTA X Seoul Concert

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