Kang Tae-oh Shares that Some Girls Have Rejected Him in the Past

Actor Kang Tae-oh revealed that he has been rejected by girls in the past.  On September 1, a video of Kang Tae-oh was uploaded on one fashion magazine’s YouTube.  The video showed Kang Tae-oh picking concerns out of a box, and giving advice to the writers.  The first concern was, “My first-ever relationship has just […]

[ Star] “I Still Can’t Believe It” Hyun Bin Shares How Happy He Feels to Become a Father Soon

Actor Hyun Bin shared that he feels so happy about becoming a father soon.  On September 1, Hyun Bin sat down for an interview with the press.  During the interview, Hyun Bin was asked how he felt about his wife actress Son Ye-jin’s pregnancy.   Hyun Bin answered, “It’s still hard-to-believe, to be honest. I […]

[ Star] Super Junior Shares What Their Secret Is to Being in the Industry for Almost 20 Years

K-pop boy group Super Junior revealed how they managed to stay in the K-pop industry for almost 20 years.  On September 1, news outlet Star News released an interview of Super Junior online.  During the interview, the interviewer mentioned Super Junior’s 17th debut anniversary that they are about to welcome in a few months.  ShinDong […]

[ Star] Lee Dong Wook Shares His Thought About Paid Service; Fans Are Touched by His Words

Actor Lee Dong Wook touched his fans’ hearts with his sweet words.  On August 29, Lee Dong Wook spent some time with fans on ‘Private Messenger’.  ‘Private Message’ is a paid mobile messenger, which provides a private online space that looks a lot like a private chat room.  When an artist sends text messages, voice […]

TWICE SANA Shares Which Day She Wants to Erase in Her After-debut Life

SANA of K-pop girl group TWICE shared which day in her after-debut life she wants to delete altogether.  Recently, a video of SANA was uploaded on TWICE’s Instagram, where she answered various questions.  One of the questions that she got was, “If you could erase one day of yours, any day including the time you […]

[ Star] Kang Tae-oh Shares Happiness About Making His Mother Quit Her Job After ‘Woo Young-woo’ Success

Actor Kang Tae-oh shared how he has become a proud son of his mother.  Recently, Kang Tae-oh talked about the success of his series ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ during the interview.  During the interview, Kang Tae-oh revealed what he did for his family following the success.  이미지 확대하기 The actor said, “Thanks to much love and […]

[ Star] “She’s Really Awesome” Park Myung-soo Shares How Cool Son Ye-jin Is

Entertainer Park Myung-soo revealed that actress Son Ye-jin has an incredible personality.  On August 19 episode of KBS Cool FM’s radio show ‘Radio Show’, Park Myung-soo talked about meeting Son Ye-jin in person.  During the show, Park Myung-soo and guest big data specialist Jeon Min-ki mentioned some of the well-known close celebrity friends.  이미지 확대하기 […]

[ Star] Kim Shin-young Shares How GUMMY ♥ Cho Jung Seok’s Family Has Been Lately

Comedienne Kim Shin-young revealed how singer GUMMY and her husband actor Cho Jung Seok’s family has been these days.  On August 17 episode of MBC FM4U’s radio show ‘Music Party’, singers Lee So-jung and Gaho made a guest appearance.  During the talk, the host Kim Shin-young asked Lee So-jung who she has been in frequent […]

[ Star] Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Shares that She Lost a Sense of Smell After COVID-19

Sooyoung of K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation expressed sadness about losing a sense of smell after COVID-19.  On August 16 episode of JTBC’s television show ‘Sositamtam’, Sooyoung and Yoona visited a flower shop to make a mini garden at home.  At the flower shop, a florist introduced them to various types of flowers, including blue […]

[ Star] Former LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam Shares Her Side of the Story

K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM’s former member Kim Garam, who left the group following her school bullying controversy, disclosed her side of the story. Back in July, LE SSERAFIM’s management agency SOURCE MUSIC/HYBE announced that Kim Garam will no longer be a part of LE SSERAFIM. Even before the group’s official debut in May, Kim […]

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