[ Star] Kang Tae-oh’s Cutest Past Photos Unveil

Actor Kang Tae-oh cutest past photos have been released online.  On September 2, Kang Tae-oh’s management agency Man of Creation updated their social media with a new post.  In the caption, it said, “Make sure to have Kang Tae-oh in your life today as well. Here are photos of him from his childhood, including unreleased […]

[ Star] Park Bo Gum Builds Houses for Descendants of Independence Fighters

Actor Park Bo Gum and singer Sean got together to build houses for descendants of independence fighters. On September 4, Sean took to his personal Instagram and shared photos of himself taken with Park Bo Gum. 이미지 확대하기 Along with the photos, Sean wrote, “Building a house of hope for the descendants of independence fighters. […]

[ Star] ‘Confidential Assignment’·’The Pirates’ Director Says Hyun Bin·Son Ye-jin Are Opposites

Director Lee Seok-hoon told how different actor Hyun Bin and his wife actress Son Ye-jin’s personalities are like.  On September 5, Lee Seok-hoon had an interview about his upcoming movie ‘Confidential Assignment 2 : International’ that is to be premiered on September 7.  During the interview, Lee Seok-hoon reminisced the time when he first met […]

[ Star] Sun Ye Says She Would Not Have Left Wonder Girls If She Was in the Same Place Now

K-pop artist Sun Ye revealed the real reason why she decided to leave K-pop girl group Wonder Girls.  On September 2 episode of Channel A’s television show ‘Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic’, Sun Ye made a guest appearance.  During the show, Sun Ye talked about her departure from Wonder Girls in the summer of 2015.   […]

[ Star] Fans Worry as BLACKPINK JISOO Is Wearing the Same Outfit as in the Leaked Photo

Fans are expressing concerns after JISOO of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK was seen wearing the same outfit as in the recently-leaked photo. On September 2, new alleged photos of BLACKPINK’s JENNIE and BTS’ V were shared online. In addition to the photos, some photos of other BLACKPINK members were also leaked―and among them, there was […]

[ Star] ‘YG Family’ BIGBANG G-DRAGON & Lee Soo Hyuk Go to an Art Gallery Together

G-DRAGON of K-pop boy group BIGBANG and model/actor Lee Soo Hyuk went to an art gallery together over the weekend.  On September 4, lots of photos of G-DRAGON and Lee Soo Hyuk at one art gallery in Seoul were uploaded online.  In these photos, G-DRAGON and Lee Soo Hyuk walked around the art gallery alongside […]

[ Star] Lee Dong Wook Tells Fans, “Nothing Else but Your Love & Support Made Me This Successful”

Actor Lee Dong Wook expressed his deepest gratitude to his fans for their endless love and support.  On September 1, Lee Dong Wook had a conversation with fans on ‘Private Message’―a paid service providing a private online space that allows fans and stars to communicate in a chat room.  Artists can send text messages, voice […]

[ Star] Government Cancels Plan to Hold a Public Poll on BTS’ Military Exemption

South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense have corrected an earlier comment of their minister, saying that they will hold a public poll on K-pop boy group BTS’ military exemption. During a parliamentary hearing held on August 31, defense minister Lee Jong-sup said he had ordered his ministry to hold a public poll on whether not […]

[ Star] Kim Jong-kook Reacts to Rumors that He Speaks Good English as He Has Daughter·Wife in L.A.

Singer Kim Jong-kook responded to rumors that he speaks good English because he has a daughter and wife in the United States.  On September 1, Kim Jong-kook updated his YouTube channel with a new video of him speaking with his fluent English speaker friends.  In this video, Kim Jong-kook revealed how he came to speak […]

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